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Dam reservoirs emit more harmful gases than believed

Researchers at Washington State University have learned that hydroelectric reservoirs, common in the Northwest, produce more harmful greenhouse gases than previously believed.
     The culprit is underwater organic material and runoff fertilizer that decomposes, releasing gases such as methane that...

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Amazon commuter buses should ease Mercer Mess

I'm pleased to read that is launching commuter buses for its Eastside employees.
     Although it's exciting to witness the once-sleepy South Lake Union community flourishing with such vibrancy, gridlock seems to worsen each week. But the Amazon buses should help reduce traffic.
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Paper maps still relevant for fall-color road trips

Early fall is a great time for road trips, and starting now Northwest motorists can enjoy some gorgeous, unique foliage.
     Western larch trees soon will turn gold, and you'll find them when crossing the North Cascades. Also called tamarack, larch trees look like evergreens but are deciduous.... read more →

Now is the time for these early autumn chores

Later this fall, home-maintenance chores like leaf-raking and gutter-cleaning will beg for attention. But now is the perfect time for many mild-weather fall chores.
     Rather than wait for our inevitable chilly, rainy season, knock these of your checklist now on a sunny day.

  • Check your siding for...
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Newspaper shacks gone the way of front-porch delivery

A story asks, whatever became of Seattle’s newspaper shacks?
     If you’re a high-school sophomore or younger, “newspaper shack” might not register with you. But as the article explains, until around the year 2000, The Seattle Times depended on “an army of 3,000 adolescents to... read more →

Stinky young skunks now flexing their freedom

Four times in the past two weeks, my wife and I were driving somewhere when one of us exclaimed, "Eww, skunk!"
     Only one of those times did I actually see a skunk, slightly squished on the side of the road. The other times we saw no visual proof.
     But for sure it was skunk, not marijuana...

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Binging on TV helps relationships? I'm skeptical

I saw an article today in the Bellingham Herald with the headline, "Science says binge-watching TV together improves your relationship."
     Seems unlikely to me, but I continued reading since I'd recently binge-watched a TV show and felt guilty about it.
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Lint lights a fire better than Marshawn’s dreads

Television viewers got a kick out of retired Seahawk Marshawn Lynch on Monday as he survived a wilderness trek with Bear Grylls on NBC’s “Running Wild.”
     The mischievous Lynch, apparently as profane as ever based on the number of bleeps, seemed to be a reluctant participant at times as he chased... read more →

How shaky is your earthquake preparation?

Last year, The New Yorker rattled nerves across the Northwest with dire predictions of what a Cascadia subduction zone megaquake and accompanying tsunami would mean to people from California to Canada. But apparently, it didn’t jolt us into action.

A PEMCO Poll showed that while 77% of us expect to...

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Blunder caused floating bridge to sink in 1990 storm

The rebuilt Lake Washington Floating Bridge opened for traffic 23 years ago this week, closing the chapter on a construction blunder that left Seattle with an I-90 bottleneck for nearly three years.
     Nasty weather pounded Seattle during Thanksgiving week 1990, a time when the 50-year-old... read more →