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How to revive your mossy, splotchy lawn

Popular Seattle Times gardening writer Ciscoe Morris can be annoyingly exuberant on TV, but his new column on moss-infested lawns speaks directly to me.
     Morris notes that many here in the Northwest don't water our lawns in the summer, allowing them to go dormant, which is okay because they... read more →

Don’t get conned by a home improvement scam

You’re about to sit down to dinner when the doorbell rings. A man in work clothes says he’s just finished replacing a roof in your neighborhood and has extra materials left over. He offers to replace your roof for half price.
     Or maybe the guy says he patched your neighbor’s driveway and has... read more →

Online shopping yields glut of cardboard at home

As more Americans shop online, mounds of cardboard boxes are piling up in our homes.
     We're one of those households. As an Amazon Prime customer, for $100 per year, Prime membership allows me to shop online and pay zero shipping fees. Pretty convenient.
     That can be a hassle, though, once... read more →

Drive with pet on your lap, risk getting ticketed

Fate provided my blog topic for today. Served it up on a silver platter.
     Driving home from work last night, a white Acura merged onto the freeway ahead of me. Although the right lane was empty, he slid clear over into the far left lane, which I occupied because I'd just passed a car. He then set... read more →

Gov. Inslee touts plan to prevent wildfires

Our damp and snowy winter virtually assures us of an uber-emerald spring. Lush foliage and wildflowers soon will sprout from the soaked soil.
     And eventually, all that abundant vegetation will wither and become wildfire fuel.
     Washington Gov. Jay Inslee likely had that in mind this week as he... read more →

Parking police using chalkless technology

Northwest drivers are finding it harder to dodge today's roving "meter maids" who hunt urban parking offenders.
     That's because the old shell game of "check for chalk, move the car" has gone high-tech.
     I once was one of those transient parkers. After commuting by Metro bus for years, for a... read more →

Avalanche danger high today and tomorrow in passes

Heavy mountain snowfall today followed by rain could trigger avalanches and pass closures, says the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT).
     The upshot: Wazzu students driving west for spring break should consider rescheduling their trips, or take a lowland route through the...

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Get smart and protect yourself from scams, ID theft

This week, consumer advocates are spotlighting fraud that harms unsuspecting consumers like you and me.
     Not just scams that deceive naïve victims, but sophisticated crime like identify theft that fools even the shrewd and wary.
     March 5-11 is National Consumer Protection Week, and agencies...

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Tragic Oregon house fire ignited by space heater

Oregon's fire marshal says that a home fire that claimed six lives last week in Riddle was probably caused by a portable space heater.
     The heater, temporarily put to use after the home's fireplace malfunctioned, might have been placed too close to flammable items.
     The small community 18...

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Greyhound depots gone, but ridership on the rise

How sad, I thought, as I read a blurb in the Yakima Herald Republic noting that Greyhound has moved its bus "terminal" from one convenience store to another.
     Sad, because in years past, every American outpost from big cities to small towns had its own bustling brick-and-mortar Greyhound bus...

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