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Break-in teaches 8 steps to keep burglars away

My colleague Craig was burglarized recently, despite having a working alarm system in his house. Now he's sharing lessons learned that could help prevent a break-in at your home.
     You might think an alarm would deter a burglar. Not so. In Craig's case, his motion detector triggered a loud siren,...

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When phantom claims suspected, we ferret out fraud

Imagine you’re opening the mail after a long day at work. In one envelope, you find a survey from your insurance company asking about your recent auto glass claim.
     “How nice of them to check in,” you think. “But what glass claim? My windshield is just fine.”
     A scenario like that led to a... read more →

Don't use your brakes to deter tailgaters

You're driving on the freeway and grow annoyed at the tailgater behind you, so eventually you tap the brakes to make him back off. Admit it – you've done that, right?
     It turns out that such braking can be a serious offense, especially if it's forceful braking, as reported in a Bellingham Herald ... read more →

I-90 mudslide bad, but entire highway washed out in 1959

Heavy rainfall has triggered mudslides that closed several roads Thursday around the Northwest, most notably westbound I-90 east of Issaquah.
     Thirteen cars got stuck when trees, rocks, and mud flowed across all four westbound lanes. Other Thursday mudslides closed roads in Puyallup, Tacoma,...

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Road hogs have plagued us more than 50 years

Washington’s lawmakers are considering Senate Bill 5052, which would boost the fine for drivers who hog the left lane on multi-lane highways.
     However, the Senate Transportation Committee held a public hearing on the topic Jan. 23, and the fact that no further action has been taken might mean the... read more →

Look ahead if gloomy weather makes you blue

While some local communities today are still coping with snow and ice, many more are getting pounded by torrential rain. Cabin fever runs rampant around the Northwest.
     Cheer up! Though it might not comfort you to hear "rain is what keeps us evergreen," there's much to look forward to just ahead....

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Driving on a flooded road can total your car

Forecasters predict Western Washington could face urban flooding Wednesday and Thursday as 3 inches of rain and melting snow combine to make a soggy mess.
     Threatened areas include communities near the Puyallup, Snoqualmie, Skokomish, and White rivers.
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Snow-laden trees topple, could damage structures

Our recent snowfall has downed trees all over the Northwest, thanks to branches being loaded with snow or ice. The problem worsens when trees topple onto buildings and fences.
     Have you surveyed your yard to see if you have trees at risk?
     This morning I awoke to find my 22-foot-tall plum... read more →

Bad things happen when trucks pass each other

Two drivers escaped injury Tuesday when a semitruck, using the right lane to pass a snowplow on his left, collided with the plow on Interstate 84. Both vehicles crashed east of Pendleton near Cabbage Hill.
     Police ticketed the semitruck driver for unsafe passing. Oregon law prohibits passing a... read more →

Groundhogs live among us – sort of

Thursday is Groundhog Day, which begs the question: Do groundhogs inhabit the Northwest?
     I’ve lived here my whole life and don’t recall anyone ever saying they saw a groundhog in the wild. So I poked around online.
     Turns out, groundhogs are actually the largest member of the squirrel... read more →