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Why have my auto rates changed?

Q: My rate has increased, what's the cause of this? Have I done something wrong?

A: Whether a customer’s rate has increased or decreased, it's natural to want to know why. The answer depends on your specific situation so it's not possible to give a broad answer that applies to everyone, but here are...

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When phantom claims suspected, we ferret out fraud

Imagine you’re opening the mail after a long day at work. In one envelope, you find a survey from your insurance company asking about your recent auto glass claim.
     “How nice of them to check in,” you think. “But what glass claim? My windshield is just fine.”
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Felony charges for phony auto glass claims

A former Juanita High School coach has been charged for filing false insurance claims with PEMCO through his home-based auto glass company.
     The Washington Insurance Commissioner says the man, age 50, filed 15 false Alligator Auto Glass claims totaling $6,569 involving staff or parents of...

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Young drivers can learn stick shifts in classic cars

Out of the blue, this week I received an invitation for a fun program offered by Hagerty Insurance.
     Hagerty insures my two vintage Chevies, and next month it’s teaming with LeMay Car Museum in Tacoma to teach teenagers how to drive cars with manual transmissions. I was invited to offer a car and... read more →

Northwest drivers can’t stop posting about #driving






That’s a string of hashtags we hope to never see in our social media streams (especially, #ihopeidontcrash, yikes!).

But according to a study conducted over five years by Auto Insurance Center, Washington and Oregon (along with most of...

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Car theft in Yakima still a problem, report shows

Once again, Yakima ranks among the nation's cities with the most vehicle theft, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.
     In its latest report, the NICB ranks Yakima 19th out of 100 metropolitan areas, based on per-capita theft in 2015.
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Do I need to change my auto policy when my student returns to school?

School schedule can impact your auto policyQ. Do I need to change my auto policy when my student daughter or son returns to school?

A. There is no required policy change that all parents must make when their child heads to school. However, there may be discounts for student drivers or other savings, so it's a good idea to review your policy.


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Does your young adult child need renter insurance?

If you have a dependent child away at college, your homeowners policy extends coverage for their belongings. You probably know that.
     But if your child is 19 or older and independently living on his or her own, you should strongly encourage your child to buy a renter policy.
     The same goes...

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What are the benefits of Personal Injury Protection?

Q. What is Personal Injury Protection coverage?

A. Your auto policy's Personal Injury Protection coverage, commonly referred to by its acronym "PIP," is a valuable coverage protecting you and your passengers who sustain auto-accident injuries. That may sound pretty straightforward, but I field lots...

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Will PEMCO insure a vehicle with a 'salvage' or 'rebuilt' title?

Q. I'm considering buying a car with a "rebuilt" or "salvage" title. Will PEMCO insure it?
A. Yes, but there's much to consider.
While hunting for a bargain on used vehicles, I've come across some with wording on their titles such as "salvage" or "rebuilt." Customers often ask what that means...

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