Sonics arena at risk, barring late heroics

Following yesterday's Seattle City Council vote that denied developer Chris Hansen's request to build a new sports arena on Occidental Avenue, two sentiments top my thoughts.
     First, let me make it clear: these are my views, not PEMCO's.
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Snapchat blamed for teen driver’s 107 mph crash

An Atlanta-area teen is being sued for negligence in a crash that was allegedly caused in part by Snapchat. The teen even used Snapchat following the crash to snap a shot in the emergency vehicle with the caption: "Lucky to be alive." 

The couple who was hit by the teen driver also is suing Snapchat....

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Mass says to plant your summer garden now

Local weather expert Cliff Mass says our warm spring means you can plant your tomatoes right now, about a month early for many people.
     And no, our warm spring is not a sign of global warming, he says.
     Mass's May 1 post on his weather blog says our balmy conditions are more the result of El... read more →

You know you’re a Seattle driver when…

It seems that “How’s your commute?” has become as common as “How’s the weather?” in our region.

Between bridge work, event traffic, and burrowing Bertha, our traffic alerts and notifications are constant.

All of the extra minutes at the wheel give us more time to identify and appreciate Seattle's...

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KING-TV retirements stir the sands of time

Last Friday’s exodus of four longtime fixtures at KING-5 News reminds me of the saying, “Don’t regret growing older. It’s a privilege denied to many.”
     I’m referring to the sudden departure of Dennis Bounds, Jeff Renner, Jean Enersen, Linda Byron, and many off-camera veterans, who accepted...

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Well-behaved millennial drivers? Whateverrr …

Millennials often get a bad rap as spoiled. entitled, and bratty. But a new poll from PEMCO Insurance shows they may be the reason behind a slight drop in aggressive driving in the Northwest.

According to the PEMCO Polite Driving Index, which measures driving politeness and road aggression reported...

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'Twin Peaks' reboot to feature Northwest talent

Now we know the full cast, including local actors, who'll appear on the "Twin Peaks" reboot slated to air on Showtime in 2017.
     For those unfamiliar with "Twin Peaks," it was an acclaimed 1990-91 ABC-TV crime-drama series ("Who killed Laura Palmer?") set in a fictional Northwest town represented... read more →

How to make a compost bin

Last weekend, our family enjoyed catching the first fish of the season.  It was the perfect activity for one of the first summer-like days in the Northwest!

Hoping to have more successful outings, I realized it’s time to put together our annual worm compost bin. This keeps an ample supply of worms on...

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Our employees #LiveGreen for Earth Day (& every day)!

The national Earth Day Network says, “Changing the world starts by changing your own little corner of it.”

In celebration of Earth Day, we asked our employees to share the ways they live “green” at work and at home, and we heard a number of great examples of folks, re-using, recycling,...

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Yesterday's SR 520 traffic jam was last of its kind

Last night was perhaps my worst evening commute ever. One hour and 20 minutes from South Lake Union to Redmond.
     Blame the We Day traffic exiting KeyArena and a blocking accident on the old Evergreen Point Floating Bridge – which ironically, I was crossing for the very last time.
     Why the... read more →